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TenFour Values Spotlight Series: Marlowe Perry

TenFour: Employee Spotlight Series

The TenFour Spotlight Series aims to highlight the ideas and contributions of employees who are shining examples of TenFour’s three most important values: Honor, Fearlessness, and Innovation.

Meet Marlowe Perry! Marlowe is an Account Manager who joined the TenFour team almost two years ago, equipped with degrees in Business Administration (Master, University of Phoenix), Liberal Studies (Bachelor of Arts, Ashford University), and Meteorology (Associate, Community College of the Air Force).

As a 10-year United States Air Force veteran who served in active duty Airman and Combat Meteorologist roles, Marlowe truly exemplifies what it means to be honorable. We sat down with her to discuss her definition of honor and how that affects her work at TenFour. This interview was conducted by TenFour content writer Brooke O'Donnell via email.


Brooke O'Donnell: Hi, Marlowe! Thanks for taking this opportunity to talk with us. How would you say you exhibit honor in your everyday life?


Marlowe Perry, Account Manager, TenFour

Marlowe Perry: Hey, thanks for featuring me! I learned the epitome of honor by serving my country in the US Air Force as an active duty Airman for ten years. The military taught me real leadership, selflessness, honor, integrity, teamwork, and compassion.

By definition, "honor" is adhering to what is right or to a conventional standard of conduct. I like to think I live out this value in two ways—by adhering to the standards I’ve created and outlined for myself to live by and by adhering to the standards set for me by TenFour and exemplifying them throughout my journey with the company. Honor is showing great respect and esteem in one’s work, one’s team, and in one’s self.

BOD: What do you think makes a person honorable? How about a business?

MP: As an individual, what I think makes someone honorable is that person taking complete responsibility for who they are in their entirety. The same would go for a business. I would hope any business has established core values for their company to live by. These core values aid in the fulfillment of their mission statement. This is a way for the leadership to hold their company accountable to a certain level of character. 

BOD: What sparked your interest in the technology industry?

MP: I transitioned into being an Account Manager because I wanted to tackle the hardest organizational problems and find the best possible solutions for customers. Ultimately, it isn’t the top of the mountain that I find the most satisfaction in, but the climb to get there.

BOD: What do you think makes TenFour unique and you happy to be here?

MP: What makes TenFour unique is having the courage to go out on a limb with a new concept that the world has never seen. TenFour’s fearlessness really shines here.

This is something that I truly admire and a trait I hold dear to my heart. It takes a lot of guts to initially stand alone in something you believe in. Over time, a movement begins and people will join it with enthusiasm. TenFour epitomizes innovation and fearlessness in what they believe in. The best part is that they truly have this and are who they say they are exhibiting honor. 

At TenFour we’re grateful for Marlowe’s honor every day! She is an instrumental member of our team and is never short on TenFour pride. Keep an eye on Access Point for future Spotlight Series installments!

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